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Refund Policy

St. Clements Institute's refund policy conforms to the requirements and practices of various professional associations.

The key principle is to protect student investment in their education. Thus all advance student payments are refundable, subject to the conditions and limits noted below.

Refund Requests and Timetable
• The starting date for a course is the date the student’s first assignment/lesson is received by St. Clements Institute.
• All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing.
• For full course payments only, there is a 7-day cooling off period.
• This period ends 7-days from the date and time of enrolment
• After this deadline no refunds will be considered.
• Once approved all refunds will be made within 30 days.

Refund Requests and Conditions
Granting of refund requests as well as the amount paid is linked to time frames and varies with the conditions involved. These are as follow:
1. Cancellation of Enrolment in the University: Enrolment in the Institute may be cancelled. If communicated in writing no more than five days after admissions acceptance, a full refund will be granted less the registration fees.
2. Cancellation Prior to Course Start: If a student cancels registration in a course or courses at least five days prior to the courses’ start date, and notifies the University in writing, a full refund of tuition will be granted, less registration fees.
3. Cancellation After commencement of the course: If a student withdraws or cancels his enrolment after beginning course work, partial refunds, less registration fees, may be provided according to the following time scale:

Amount of Course work Completed Extent of Refund
After one week - 80% of tuition
After second week - 60% of tuition
After third week - 40% of tuition
After fourth week - 20% of tuition
After fifth week - No refund

The same sliding scale also applies in the event that the Institute for Various Reasons beyond its control is unable to continue the delivery of its programs and courses.

Other Student Options When Circumstances Effect Enrolment

The Institute recognises that sometimes unforeseen and unplanned events, such as illness or job relocation can effect enrolment and continuity in the program. In such cases, options other than refund exist and they include the following:

• Granting time extensions for course completion.

• Re-enrolment in courses at a later date, but with carry over and application of tuition already paid.

It is critical that students immediately contact the Institute when such difficulties of continuance occur. That immediately triggers the commitment of student services to provide relief and counseling whether it involves refunds or other remedies.

St. Clements Institute DOES NOT approve extensions in retrospect.

St. Clements Institute reserves the right to alter the content or delivery of any course at any time.

All course material includes the facility to print out the contents pages for student reference only and distribution of any course material to any party or parties other than the student is expressly forbidden.