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Grievance and Complaints Policy


St Clements Institute recognises that differences, complaints and grievances can arise from time to time and therefore has a fair and equitable process for dealing with grievances and complaints.

This ensures that all grievances are dealt with fairly and equitably as the resolution of grievances and complaints is in the best interest of all parties concerned.

The following process steps are implemented to ensure this happens.

1. If you have a complaint or grievance tell us immediately. You can email your complaint/ grievance to your tutor or our Administration Office listed on the web site.

2. We will document your complaint/grievance and investigate your complaint within 3 days of receiving your advice.

3. We will try to resolve your complaint or grievance and provide to you in writing within 14 days the results of our investigation.

4. If you are dissatisfied with this outcome you have the right to make representation to the Management Council. To do this you will need to document your complaint and submit it to our Administration Office.

5. When making representation to the Management Council you have the right to bring a support person.

6. The Management Council will hear your complaint/ grievance and provide to you a written report in regards to their findings

Please remember St Clements Institute is committed to delivering quality education and training. If you are experiencing any difficulties during your program of study, do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with your tutor.