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Admissions Overview


You are eligible to apply to St Clements Institute if you have earned a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Check Application Deadlines

Check the Application Deadlines for enrolment into next semester's programs. For more information, see "Academic Calendar".

Educational Standards

St. Clements Institute policies and management procedures are designed to maintain high professional standards in the marketing and delivery of education and training services.

Induction & Orientation

All studies are preceded and introduced by Induction and Orientation programs, the contents of which are largely informational. Subjects such as course structures, timetables and nature of assessment are discussed in detail.


St. Clements Institute is committed to access and equity principles and processes in the delivery of its services and training products in accordance with the Act and regulations of the Cambodian government.

Student Services


St Clements Institute caters to diverse student learning needs and aims to identify and respond to the learning needs of all students. Students are encouraged to express their views about their learning needs at all stages of their learning experience from the initial enrolment and induction stage.

St Clements Institute provides suitable resources to help you identify your learning needs.

St Clements Institute is committed to providing clients requiring additional support, advice or assistance while studying. To achieve this and to ensure the quality delivery of education, St. Clements Institute provides:

Student Vocational Counselling to improve and extend training outcomes. Students should contact their TUTOR in the first instance. Additional support and services include:
a. Education and Career Counselling
b. Assistance when applying for RPL and RCC

Personal Counselling services are available to all students and staff from management may take the form of advice or referral to other services. Personal counselling services must meet the organisation's code of practice and confidentiality procedures. Personal counselling services include but are not restricted to:

a. Grievance /conflict resolution
b. Stress management
c. Access and equity issues
d. Student welfare and support
e. Health concerns (STD’s & HIV/AIDS)

HighSchool Graduates

St Clements Institute welcomes both mature age students and school leavers from all parts of Cambodia, please don't hesitate to contact the administration at if you have any questions.

Mature Age Students

Students with degrees from another Cambodian Higher Education Institution licensed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for any subjects they have completed with other institutions when enrolling into an associate degree. For Further information please contact