Department of Social Science and Economics  

This course incorporates current theory and practice relating to starting and managing small firms. It provides a comprehensive coverage of critical small business issues; numerous real-world examples to help students understand how to apply the business management concepts presented in the text, and incorporate material to help them explore small business issues in the amazing world of the Internet.

This degree is perhaps one of the most important and interesting fields of endeavor today. This course emphasis is to cover the most common areas of business fields the various programs below focus on the most important areas to provide the knowledge required for individuals to be able to become experts in doing business at large.

Foundation Year   
  Arts and Humanities Credits
  Khmer Civilisation 3
Philosophy 3
  Social Science
  Microeconomics 3
  Sociology 3
  Computer for Office Applications 3
  Mathematical Analysis 3
  Foreign Language
  English for Business I 3
  English for Business I 3
  Major Concentration Courses 
  Introduction to Business Ethics 3
Principles of Management 3
Total  30 Credits
Second Year  Semester I 15 Credits
  Marketing Management 3
  Service Management 3
  Essentials of Marketing 3
  Supply Management 3
  Macroeconomics 3
  Semester II 15 Credits
  Economic Development 3
  Business Marketing 3
  Organisational Behaviour 3
  Strategic Management 3
  Leader and the Leadership Process 3
Third Year  Semester I 15 Credits
  Management Economics 3
  Sales and Marketing 3
  International Business 3
  Managing Human Resources 3
  Operations Management 3
  Semester II 15 Credits
  Managerial Accounting and Finance 3
  Interpersonal Skills in Organisations 3
  Fundamentals of Investment Management 3
  Fundamentals of Cost Accounting 3
  Business Law 3
Fourth Year  Semester I 15 Credits
  Taxation 3
  Corporate Finance 3
  Business Research Methods 3
  Essentials of Negotiation 3
  Human Relations 3
Semester II 15 Credits
  Risk Management 3
  Total Quality Management 3
  Research Study & Internship (Thesis) 9
  Total  120 Credits

The cost of this program is $USD 2400 ($USD 300 per semester/ $USD 20 per credit hour).

These fees are payable throughout your study by semi annual installments.