Department of Information Technology

Introduction and history; Evolution of the computer; Computer fundamentals; Concept of information and data Processing; Practical applications; Importance of software and operating systems; Basics of Word Processing; Spreadsheet applications using; Excel part A; Spreadsheet applications using Excel part B; Microsoft Access; Microsoft Power Point, Applied programming, Networking Advance, Net Infrastructures, IT program project, etc.
An understanding of business organizations in terms of types and structures, and the information systems needed to enable those business organizations to operate successfully within their environment. The knowledge to enable them to engage in the processes of development, implementation and operation of technology based information systems. An understanding of the technologies and tools that may be used to support those information systems and their operations.

First Year  Semester I 15 Credits 
Data Communication 3
Database Management Systems 3
Network Design 3
Internet Programming 3
English for Business I 3
Semester II 15 Credits 
Stastics for Computing 3
System Analysis 3
English for Business II 3
Database Systems 3
Operating Systems 3
Second Year Semester I 15 Credits 
Applied Programming 3
IT Program Project 3
System Analysis and Programs 3
Academic English Writing I 3
Network Infrastructure 3
Semester II 15 Credits 
IT Security 3
Comptia I-Net+ 3
Academic English Writing II 3
Red Hat Linux Technician 3
Cisco Certified Network Associate 3
Total  60 Credits

The cost of this program is $USD840 ($USD 210 per semester/ $USD 14 per credit hour).

These fees are payable throughout your study by semi annual installments.