Department of Social Science and Economics  

This degree is perhaps one of most common important and interesting fields of endeavor today. This courses emphasis is to cover the most common areas hotels, restaurants, touring and the most common fields of food preparation applicable to each country of the world. The manager of hotel, tour guide, restaurants, must be educated to understand the influence of and the factor s affecting these fields at large. In any country when the tourism industry collapse, the stability and economic viability of that country is also affected too. The various programs below focus on the most important areas to provide the knowledge required for individuals to be able to become experts in the hotel and tourism industry at large.

First Year  Semester I   15 credits
Tourism Concept and Ecology 3
Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism 3
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 3
  English for Business 3
Principle of Accounting 3
Semester II  15 credits
Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism 3
Front Office Management  3
English for Business 3
Computer for Office Application  3
Principles of Management 3
Second Year  Semester I 15 credits
Hospitality Management and O B 3
Academic Reading and Writing 3
Tourism Regulation 3
  Understanding and Managing Tourism 3
Tourism and Hospitality Management 3
  Semester II 15 credits
Communication Skill 3
Food and Beverage Operations 3
Tourism Guides 3
Academic Reading and Writing II 3
Travel Agency Writing 3
Total  60 credits

The cost of this program is $USD840 ($USD 210 per semester/ $USD 14 per credit hour).

These fees are payable throughout your study by semi annual installments.